Technical Track

Though the seminars lean toward those in the brewhouse, anyone can benefit from a fuller understanding of the technical issues, techniques and the science behind brewing innovative quality beers.

From exploding packaging to diacetyl bombs, refermentation in finished beer can be extremely expensive to a brewery's reputation as well as brand. Knowing the causes and consequences of refermentation can be the key to avoiding a costly mistake. In this presentation, John Giarratano will outline the science behind refermentation, the issues it can cause for your beer, and ways that it can be avoided. From Quality Control measures to simple process changes, every brewer will learn something they can take back to their brewery and implement today.
John Giarratano started his career in Mammalian Cell Culture at pharmaceutical giant Genentech in San Diego, California. Over the next five years, John was immersed in sterile technique while working in two state of the art GMP manufacturing facilities. This experience followed John back to Colorado where, after earning his master’s degree in Bioengineering, he changed industries and was put in charge of yeast propagation for a Biofuel company called Gevo. In 2014 John took his experience in Cell Culture and Biofuels and applied it to the brewing industry by starting Inland Island Yeast Laboratories. Over the last four and a half years, John has grown Inland Island from a lab in his basement to a full-scale yeast and bacterial manufacturing operation, working with over 300 breweries and employing more than ten full-time employees. John continues to push Inland Island to the cutting edge of product quality and very best in customer service.
We will cover terminology, critical parameters, evaluation, and the overall importance of a quality double-seam. In addition, we will cover formation, setting, and common faults and troubleshooting. The overall goal is to convey how important this process is in order to protect the product for those brewers who are currently canning or will be canning in the future.
Jason McCullough has been the Seaming Business Sales Manager since June 1st, 2016. He is responsible for seamer tooling sales throughout the Americas region at Carnaud Metal Box Engineering, and reports to Paul Orsino, Business Manager Americas (Norwalk Connecticut). Jason has a diverse manufacturing and customer technical service background with 26 years of progressive experience within the metal packaging industry. Prior to coming to CMB, Jason was Manager of Technical Services for Crown Cork and Seal’s Food Division. Prior to joining Crown, he spent 17 years with Anheuser-Busch Metal Container Corporation. Jason has a diverse, professional skill set that includes roles in Quality Assurance and Operations Management. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and is based in Oklahoma City, OK.
Ever wondered how everyone else kegs, bottles, and cans their beer but didn't have a chance to ask? Carl Case of Dragoon Brewing Company presents the results from his Arizona State of Packaging survey. Following the presentation, he hosts a panel on packaging, featuring Jeff Huss of Huss Brewing, Landon Swanson of Pueblo Vida Brewing Company, and Nathan Friedman of Wanderlust Brewing Company. The presentation will benefit existing breweries as they plan for the future and seek resources for their packaging programs as well as guidelines for individuals interested in opening their own brewery.
Carl Case is the Packaging Manager at Dragoon Brewing Company and has been working in production brewing since 2014. Carl has Master's Degrees in Public Policy and Public and Nonprofit Management from the University of Arizona. He founded Case Brewing Consulting in 2018 and has assisted with brewery startups and growth in Arizona and New Mexico. Carl and his wife have lived in Tucson for over 20 years where their ridiculous dogs and biking habits are able to flourish.
Landon Swanson is the Head Brewer for Pueblo Vida Brewing Co. and has been a professional brewer since 2009. Landon received a Bachelors degree in the Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from South Dakota State University. After dropping out of graduate school he left his government job to start brewing professionally which eventually helped him migrate to Arizona four years ago. He lives in Tucson, AZ with his wife where they mostly ride bikes, brew, and grow food.
Jeff Huss is the co-founder brewer at Huss Brewing Company in Tempe since 2013. Jeff graduated from both Purdue University and Siebel/Doemans Institute of Brewing. Jeff was also head brewer of BJ's Restaurant in Chandler for seven years.
Is qPCR a fit for your brewery? This presentation will cover PCR as a tool for microbiological QC in the brewery with the example of the Pall GeneDisc® Rapid Microbiology System. Microbiological control strategies for brewers with focus on filtration/sterile filtration will also be covered.
Ken Belau started brewing at an early age and continued through high school, after which he traveled to Germany to complete an apprenticeship as brewer and maltster, followed by graduation from the brewing school of Weihenstephan in Germany. Since then Ken has had the good fortune to work in many areas of the brewing industry including larger brewers like Labatt’s in Canada, mid-size craft brewers like Bell’s brewery in Michigan as well as smaller breweries and start-ups. Ken currently resides with his family in Michigan and has been working with Pall Corporation’s Food and Beverage Division for seven years.
Sustainability is awesome. Also, it’s difficult. If your intention to safeguard the long-term viability of your brewery while promoting a clean, just, and regenerative world is falling short, let the Brewers Association (BA) help. Matt Gacioch, BA Sustainability Ambassador, provides guidance on opportunities and resources to break down the barriers keeping you from achieving your sustainability goals. Take concrete steps to move from intention to action. Actually.
Matt Gacioch has spent his career exploring the nuance and opportunity of sustainability within the craft beer industry, the built environment, and communities around the world. As the former Director of Sustainability and Marketing for Short’s Brewing Company in Michigan, he created programs and executed sustainable design initiatives on energy, water, and waste, all while working to tell an authentic story of successes and (plenty of) road bumps. He has also worked in sustainability at Left Hand Brewing Company and in the Craft Beer Program at the Brewers Association. He holds an MBA in Strategy & Finance, an MS in Environmental Policy & Planning, and a BS in Environmental Science, all from the University of Michigan. In his day job at stok, an integrated real estate services firm that provides sustainable design and engineering services, he explores business cases and develops strategies for sustainability and wellness in commercial real estate.
Landon Swanson of Pueblo Vida Brewing Co will be moderating a panel of AZ brewers on how to make better hazy beer through technical tips. Panelists include Ben Vernon - Co-Founder & Head Brewer Crooked Tooth Brewing, Ayla Kapahi - Head Brewer Borderlands Brewing, Gabe Wilson - Head Brewer San Tan Brewing and Spencer Tielkemeir - East Division Lead Yakima Chief Hops.
Landon Swanson is the Head Brewer for Pueblo Vida Brewing Co. and has been a professional brewer since 2009. Landon received a Bachelors degree in the Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from South Dakota State University. After dropping out of graduate school he left his government job to start brewing professionally which eventually helped him migrate to Arizona four years ago. He lives in Tucson, AZ with his wife where they mostly ride bikes, brew, and grow food.
Yo, Benjamin Vernon, Co-Founder and Head Brewer at Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. I’m a Wildcat with a BA in Soil and Water Chemistry. Mostly I’m just a husband, father, hard-working SOB, OCD, sleep deprived, well caffeinated, being with a lot to share, and loves beer! Tucsonan for life, loves my city community, most people, always questions authority, rarely conforms and generally tries to be a good human being.
Ayla Kapahi is the head brewer for Borderlands Brewing Company. She previously brewed for the nano-experimental brewery Public Brewhouse in Tucson, AZ. Ayla has 4 years of commercial brewing experience and has received training from UC Davis.
Gabe Wilson, Head Brewer at SanTan Brewing Company, is an ASU Chemical Engineering grad who turned focus to craft beer. After completing the UC Davis Master Brewers Program in 2004, worked as a brewer in Sacramento, built a brewery in Costa Rica, then returned to AZ and started at SanTan in 2010. Since 2010 Gabe has helped the company navigate from large brewpub status to regional brewery and the largest craft brewery in the state.
Spencer Tielkemeier is the East Division Lead for Yakima Chief Hops. He spent 9 years in as a production brewer in Austin, TX, specializing in hop-forward and continental lager styles. Since joining YCH Hops, Spencer has been a key part of their Technical Solutions team, developing new products, honing best-practices for product usage, and providing tailored customer support in challenging product application scenarios. Additionally, he provides market insight and a grower-to-brewer feedback channel to brewers in Eastern North America, enhancing the value-added supply chain for YCH customers. Spencer lives in Chattanooga, TN with his wife and dog. You can reach him at: